Planet Galata

Galata Bridge is a world famous bridge in Istanbul. More than 120.000 people cross this bridge every day. The bridge has two floors and is home to many restaurants and shops. For many people the bridge is center of their life. Some even live on the bridge.

Planet Galata is a portrait of these people – and a portrait of the bridge.

A linear and a nonlinear film

Planet Galata was produced as a ‘normal’ linear film as well as a nonlinear film. The linear film was broadcasted on TV, the nonlinear film lives on the internet. Planet Galata was made by Florian Thalhofer and Berke Bas. Florian Thalhofer is the inventor of Korsakow, a software and a philosophy to think and make nonlinear films.

This is version two of Planet Galata

Planet Galata was originally filmed and released in 2010 in two different versions. As a interactive nonlinear film on the web and as a linear documentary, broadcasted the first time on ARTE.

The nonlinear version was updated  an re-released in November 2017.

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PG in class

Do you want to show Planet Galata to students in class? You can also get access to the linear version access. Please drop me a line.